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Coming Home

Album Information

Chris has written 14 songs for the album, ranging from adult rock to acoustic ballads with beautiful string arrangements. His distinctive, husky voice is immediately recognisable from earlier days but now with a mature, soulful edge to it. His style, in the tradition of singer/songwriters, is reminiscent of a British Bruce Springsteen with a hint of James Blunt and the swagger of a 60’s Small Faces. The album "Coming Home" and the first single "Without Your Love" is going to capture the hearts of old and new fans alike.





Album Tracklist

1.Break Away

2.Without Your Love


4.Million Miles To Nowhere

5.Right Time, Wrong Place

6.All Alone

7.Turn Right, Turn Wrong

8.Lost In Flight

9.Find My Way

10.If My Heart Is Not Enough

11.All Day, All Night

12.One Night Stand